Studio Of The Moment - North West Physio +

Tell us about North West Physio +, where did it all begin? 

My husband and I took over the Physio clinic in September 2016.  It had always been James's dream to own his own clinic and we were very lucky when the opportunity came up.  It has been a local clinic for over 8 years however we re-branded the name when we took over given our location in the North West region of Auckland.  We focus on all injuries from sports to post op and now we even have physio's specialised in cancer rehabilitation.  We focus on longer physio appointment times and love working in our community.

Other than Pilates classes, what else does your studio offer? 

We also offer Physiotherapy, Cancer Rehab and Acupuncture

What do you love most about Pilates?

Pilates really aligns with our clinic and rehabilitation beliefs.  For us it is a great way to incorporate exercise and strengthening into our patient's lives during and after they have finished physio rehab.  It is also a great way to meet lots of like minded people in our community.  We have a lot of locals who come every week and love the classes.

What’s the biggest reward in running your own studio? 

Seeing the health benefits it has on our patients and Pilates clients.  The studio was really driven by our amazing p​hysio Laura who came on board last year and is a certified Pilates instructor.  We always loved the idea of adding Pilates to our services, but having Laura on board really made it possible.

How is your studio different to other Studios in your area? 

We offer both m​at and reformer classes. We have limited our reformer classes to 4 people per class as this means a more personalized service; having a maximum of 4 per class really gives our instructor time to get to know their clients and to focus on each person within that class.  From the feedback we have had, everyone loves the smaller more intimate class sizes.

How many different classes do you offer and which one is the most popular? 

We offer m​at Pilates and both Level 1 & Level 2 reformer Pilates. Both classes are very popular but I think the reformers are probably the most popular.

Do you offer one on one classes as well as group classes? 

We sure do. Our physio, Laura,​  is a certified Pilates instructor and does both private and group classes.

Are your classes suitable for all ages, both Men and Women? 

They are certainly open for both men and women however we do make sure that no one is younger than 18 in our classes.  Everyone who participates has a one on one introduction before joining the group classes to make sure they are fit to attend.


Whats the best advice you would give someone who's a little hesitant to try Pilates for the first time?

Give us a call! All our clients must attend a one on one introduction session with Laura and I think this is a great way to introduce someone to the basics before they enter a group environment.  Everyone feels really comfortable after their one on one session to then book into the small group classes.  We can also offer a one on one intro session for two if you want to bring your friend or​ partner and then you can both go into the classes together. We are very flexible and really want you to feel happy and safe within our classes.


4B Shamrock Drive

09 412 2945