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Thrive Pilates is a new and fast growing studio with a broad and fresh approach to the pilates practice. They stay true to key pilates principals (core control, alignment, precision, axial elongation, breathing, concentration and movement integration) while incorporating a mixture of circus skills, health sciences & acrobatics into their classes. Thrive Pilates prides itself on their variety of highly skilled professional instructors, giving them the ability to offer a range of specialised classes for participants at any level of expertise.

We got to talk to Thrive about their launch into the fitness and health industry, how they operate and what's in store for the future. Have a read below:

When and why was Thrive Pilates established?
Thrive Pilates opened just a few months ago in October last year! I decided to set up Thrive because Wellington (in fact New Zealand generally) has a gap in the fitness and pilates industry for specialised "reformer classes". I found the price of pilates classes in New Zealand was becoming far too steep and becoming too exclusive, limiting a large number or kiwis from enjoying the benefits of pilates. From its conception, I wanted Thrive Pilates to be a studio that is fresh, affordable, inclusive, professional and approachable. It needed to be run by passionate instructors who are constantly striving to improve their practice, have goals of their own, and be a brand that encourages more males, athletes, dancers and circus performers to take advantage of the benefits of Pilates. Joseph Pilates was male after all - not to mention professional boxer, circus performer and self defence trainer for the German police force! 

What makes you different from other pilates studios in New Zealand?
Thrive is one of just a small handful of studios in New Zealand specialising in small group reformer classes.  I have worked hard to keep prices reasonable without compromising quality. We structure classes so clients are in their appropriate "level" and we also have our own handstand coach who provides conditioning and handbalance classes! Our skilled instructors incorporate a background of circus, health science, aerobic training, and passionate work ethic to enhance clients' pilates experience with a contemporary twist. 

Between our instructors, we have a paramedic, Guinness World Record holder, talented circus performer and coach, scientist, freediver and keen endurance athlete. We get a thrill out of setting and achieving our own movement goals and do our best to encourage and help our clients achieve theirs. 

What qualities do you think are important for a pilates instructor to have? 
I love hanging out with our instructors! They ooze motivation which is infectious. They are professional, full of drive, have high expectations of themselves, are passionate about Thrive and improving their abilities as an instructor. These, I believe, are inherent qualities of a brilliant coach or instructor.

What would you be doing if you weren’t running Thrive Pilates?
I'm actually a full time paramedic! When I'm not working day shifts or night shifts, I'm at the studio. It's a full life, but a good life!

Apart from pilates how do you stay balanced while running a business?
I find taking regular short trips away is essential. If I don't leave town, I found it hard not to be engaged with some type of work. So regular weekends away are an effective way to quickly recharge energy levels and refresh the mind. I also make sure I take time to work on my own movement goals.

What’s the biggest challenge about running a pilates studio?
Because I also work as a full time paramedic, time management is the most challenging aspect for me.

What’s the biggest reward?
Seeing the studio grow from just a thought, to a real-life thriving Pilates studio is very satisfying. And you can't beat the feeling you get when clients tell you about positive results they are getting from their classes!

Where do you see Thrive Pilates in 5 years?
I have a bigger picture for Thrive that I keep to myself ;) For now, I want to create such a positive ripple in the fitness industry in New Zealand that any time people think of Pilates, they think of Thrive Pilates in the heart of the Wellington cbd.

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