4 Reasons Pilates is Here to Stay

Trends ebb and flow in the fitness industry, with the current fad workouts changing even quicker than the trendiest superfood. But pilates has been steadily growing since the early 1980s. So why, to this day, does it remain the preferred workout of Hollywood starlets and supermodels?


1. Pilates is a low impact calorie burner.
Not only is pilates great for burning calories in the studio, it also provides an elevated calorie burn in the hours after your workout. You’re getting extra calorie output from the process of restoring your tired muscles. Over the whole day, a good, dynamic pilates workout can give you the same energy-burning effects as a short round of HIIT exercise, but without the strain on joints.

2. Pilates is an Excellent Complimentary Workout.
Whether you’re a world champion swimmer, or a devoted weightlifter, a regular pilates workout mixed in with your usual routine will help you stay loose, agile and injury free. A low-intensity pilates workout, focussed on stretching, can be also an excellent option for your rest days.

3. Body Awareness.
Got two left feet? Regular pilates practice can help you to understand your body, how it moves, and how to better control it. From improving your posture, to more efficient breathing, and an improvement in sleep, pilates will improve your relationship with your body.

4. Lengthen and Strengthen.
While weightlifting exercises are muscle contractions, pilates movements combine contractions with extensions. Regularly practicing pilates creates long, streamlined muscles, and combats the bulkiness that can come from isolated weightlifting movements.


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