Move Ambassador - Mareah Rua

From a young age Mareah struggled with her weight. She discovered boxing and began intense training in her early 20's, practicing up to 18 hours a week. After realising the strain it put on her body, she tried to switch up her exercise routine and take a different approach to fitness. Beginning yoga, pilates and barre not only taught Mareah self love, but gave her confidence, a way to deal with stress and find a calm place in her daily life. Read Mareah's inspirational story below:

My name is Mareah,

I've been in active pursuit of my place in the fitness world since I was 14 years old. I wasn't the leanest kid. Often found me in the school canteen stocking up on blueberry muffins and chocolate shakes. They quickly became my friends and my child sized clothing turned into large adult size 14 when I was very young. I struggled with my weight all through my teens into my 20s when I found boxing and decided to compete. I trained with a NZ Pro and we trained HARD for our fights. 3 hours a day, 6 days a week but slowly I started deteriorating. Constantly injured and mentally exhausted I had reached my limit. I had become motivated by the fear of being fat and lost all my love of exercising all together.  Obsessing over a body image I never achieved, I was deflated. I was sick of being miserable and unhappy with myself and decided to take a different approach. I took up early morning walking, Yoga, Pilates and Barre.  It was like tiny explosions of happiness entering the studio for the very first time. I was in love with everything these practices offered. I learnt how to find calm in my daily life, as stress was a huge component of my weight. I learnt how to develop a mindset of gratitude, and focus on the good. But best of all I was taught to love and accept the body I have and there is no greater gift then confidence and self love. 

Fitness and wellbeing starts from within. I am forever grateful for what Yoga has taught me. 

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