Meet 'Mission Pilates' in Solvang, California!

How did you and Kristina come together and start Mission Pilates?

Kaycie and Kristina met while Kaycie Was teaching at a Pilates studio in Santa Barbara, California. Kristina had taught and practiced mat Pilates for many years but was anxious to try reformer Pilates. Kaycie had been a Personal trainer for years prior to becoming a Pilates instructor. Once she started practicing Pilates she felt it was life changing and decided to get certified to teach Pilates. With her Personal training background and contemporary approach to Pilates she felt she offered a very different hybrid approach that merged the fitness personal training industry with a contemporary Pilates practice. Kristina took an introductory course with Kaycie and was hooked! They both fell in love with the benefits and amazing results that came from reformer Pilates. They bonded over their love of Pilates and their history in the fitness industry.  they took a shared dream of owning their own fitness studio and made it a reality, and after a year of hard work and planning, it finally happened! 

Why did you decide to open a Pilates studio? 

We saw a need for affordable Pilates and a schedule that met the needs of the average working individual. The wonderful benefits and customizable nature of Pilates is one that everyone deserves to participate in and we are so thankful to have been able to bring that to this community. 


Where is your studio located? 

Located in the heart of Solvang California, USA


Tell us about your Bounce classes, they sound like a lot of fun! 

Bounce is our newest program we have added to our studio! Bounce is a fun, high intensity cardio workout on mini trampolines! We use bounce sequencing with less recovery periods and work on and off the trampoline! It's a full body workout with choreographed dance inspired movements!

If I was a first timer at one of your reformer classes, what would you recommend?

We love newbies! We would recommend you start with our introductory course. This class is designed to explain how to use a reformer safely and our fundamentals that are important to learn before you come into class to be able to get the full benefit from our classes. We love doing intro lessons because we believe we are setting you up for success and giving you all the guidance you need to feel comfortable and confident in your first class! 

What's your clientele like?  Do you have a wide age range?

We have a wide range of ages and goals in our studio! We have clients as young as 13, all the way up to 70! Some come for meditation and relaxation, or because of injuries, and others come for a safe but effective fun workout! 


What's the best way to book one of your classes? 

We use Mindbody for booking classes. You can download the app or go to our website and click on a class you would like to sign up for, make an account with an email address, and book! 

Tell us about your group events.. 

We offer group events such as Bachelorette parties, work retreats, and so forth. We reserve our studio just for you and your friends. You can customize your private class based on what the group wants and what experience level you are at! We also offer packages with mimosas and/or charcuterie plates!


Do you have any plans to expand your studio to other locations? 

We would love to expand in the future and have a bigger space with other types of fitness classes. Our goal is to always specialize in Pilates, but have a few other options of workouts. We believe cross training is so important and it is always good to switch it up! 


How does a typical day look for Mission Pilates. 

We start our mornings early! Our 6am class is our busiest and one of the most popular classes! We have classes in the morning and offer private lessons in the afternoon. at 4:30pm we offer a Strength and Stretch class, which is one of our client's favorite classes as well! Don't let the name fool you, Strength & Stretch is a lot of muscle strengthening and isolation through slow movements while getting a really great stretch! We also have a few Cardio classes we offer throughout the day. The music is loud and fun during those times! We are a hybrid studio which means we incorporate personal training into our classes! Especially in our cardio classes, we use more props and really keep that class fun and upbeat. If you walked into our studio, the vibe is very warm and inviting! Our goal was to build not only a studio, but a community of people who became friends and enjoy each other's company! We even offer a happy hour friday class called Reformers & Wine where our members socialize and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine, as well as one on Saturdays called Movement & Mimosas.


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