Meet 'My Mama Said'

So tell us, who is "My Mama Said"?


My Mama Said is a modern mantra that is unique to everyone because it allows you to express your own beliefs and philosophies.
My Mama Said is a boutique fitness studio run by Lisa Minett in the heart of Seddon, inner west of Melbourne. We run the studio by this mantra!


Why did you decide to open a Pilates studio?

‘It’s important to find the unique beauty that lies in each and every one of us. If you want to become fitter, stronger, happier and healthier, you have to listen and accept you are first.’ (Lisa Minett)

Lisa believes that attending a fitness, pilates, barre or yoga studio shouldn’t make you feel the need to transform into something completely different or new. Everything that you need is already within you. Here at My Mama Said we are passionate about providing a space and the resources (our classes and instructors) for each individual to access their inner, unique beauty and strength.


Tell us about a typical day at My Mama Said.

Doors are open at 6am, first class at 6.15am, last class finishes at 8.30pm. We provide over 50 classes a week with a variety of Barre, Pilates, Circuit, Mums and Bubs, Pre and Post natal fitness.

The studio itself is fun, its friendly, and it’s motivated. We drink tea and get to know each other before class, prepping us for a fun, and entertaining class where you might even find yourself singing along!

We ensure our instructors are motived, qualified, experienced and nurturing.


What do you find are the greatest benefits of doing Pilates?

 A greater sense of bodily awareness and learning new things about your body every time you return to the mat, reformer or arc! It’s the gift that keeps giving to your beautiful body.


Tell us about the different classes you provide?

Our signature class is our Barre class. It is a full body workout that includes a deep core workout on the mat and stretch to finish. We also offer variations of Barre – Barre circuit (very popular), Barre stretch and Barre express. Then we move onto Pilates which we also offer a few varieties – Pilates mat, Pilates arc (unique to My Mama Said as a group class) and Reformer Pilates (a new, exciting addition to the studio). We offer Yoga – Yoga flow, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. And lastly we have our Prenatal fitness classes that book out week after week as well as our Mums and Bubs classes.

Our philosophy here is that one movement style won’t suit everyone. Just as you wake up in a different mindset on the daily, so does your body. Having variety and choice keeps the body, mind and soul in check! We also believe that having a balance across the 3 different disciplines – Barre, Pilates and Yoga really is the perfect balance again, for the mind, body and soul.


Do you have a wide variety of clients?

Yes, we do. We are an inclusive studio, and everyone is welcome. However, the majority of our clients are women aged between 20 – 70.


How popular are the courses you provide, tell us about each of them?

The courses we provide are very popular and book out year in year out, in advance.

Our most popular courses would be our 6 week postnatal courses as well as our 6 week dance courses. The postnatal course is specifically designed for those wanting to return to exercise after giving birth. We have found excellent results with this course!

Our 6 week dance courses are either Ballet, Jazz or Contemporary. These are a lot of fun! We learn the fundamentals of each discipline, accessible for beginners but also challenging enough for you to enjoy if you have dance experience. We also learn a short routine that we build on over the 6 weeks, to come away with a final product!


Do you have any plans to expand your studios to more locations?

Absolutely! They are in the pipes as we speak…


Do you hold different events? If so, have you got anything coming up?


We do hold different events! Ranging from social events, fundraisers to workshops.

So far this year we have ‘Barre addicts for instructors’ coming up in February. A new, free class for current Barre instructors fostering a sense of community and support in the industry (4 scheduled for the year).

We also have some winter pop up classes in the works for 2020. Last year we had Piloxing, Bollywood dancing, Hula hooping and Pound (drumming fitness). We think it’s important to keep variety and a sense of liveliness in the studio!

We have also had sound bath and meditation workshops.

And our favourite, is our yearly Birthday celebration. Which is always a great time when we bring our members together for a fun social event to celebrate our Birthday and to say thank you (this year it will be 5 years!).


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