Home Town: Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil

Profession: Model/Actress and Content Creator

Instagram handle: @nathalieroc

How did you get into your career? 

First it started just for fun, I didn’t even think it would be possible to become a full-time model/content creator specifically being in another country. Even though I would have gigs only on my days off (I was working in hospitality) I found my passion and started to plan how I could earn enough money so I wouldn’t need another job. It was not easy and I was so scared and but at the same time excited as well!

Things started to work out and I got more exposure. Once I felt confident enough I joined a modelling agency as well as acting agency to take things to next level!

What's your favourite part of your job?

I believe it's to be able to be creative and unique. I've learnt how to appreciate myself, love myself and once I embraced myself, I could see how I can shine and empower other girls and women going through low confidence.

What are your hobbies outside of modelling?

I love exercising, watching fiction movies and hearing the ocean sounds. I used to write poems and now I've turned some of them into music. 

What/who do you follow for inspiration on socials?

I love relevant talks, people that are able to make fun of themselves and going onto socials and scrolling up and down and seeing people thriving.

I like to follow real people showing their real lives. Being able to relate to others, give help and receive help is one of my inspirations. It helps me to growth as a person and professionally.

What’s your favourite piece from our new Varsity Collection?

My favourites would have to be the classic low rise grippies in all of the preppy colours as well as the soon to be released KNEO sets... they're so beautiful and soft, stay tuned!

What's your favourite form of movement and why?

Dancing and yoga. It’s liberating for me. With dance I feel the moment and express myself as it moves through. With yoga I relax, I am aware, and move parts of my body I don't usually use as much as I should.

Who is your career mentor?

Wow... so many people helped me and encouraged me through my path.

I would say my boyfriend; he’s the one that is close enough to know me and far enough to see my blind spots, he empowers me so much and is constantly reminding me that no matter what I would like to do, it's just a matter of figuring out what it would take to achieve it and educate myself.

What did you love most about the photoshoot day?  

I loved the vibe, the props, how MoveActive trusted us and we could be ourselves and have fun! 
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