Introducing: MoveActive x Elle Collins

Hometown: Perth, WA

Profession: Physiotherapist and Clinical & Group Pilates Instructor

Instagram Handle: @perks_of_pilates

How did you get into your career?

Great question! I feel as though my entire life has led me up to this point in many ways! I have always been a movement addict growing up, and couldn't stand the thought of sitting behind a desk for longer than an hour at a time when considering my career path post school. I looked into how I could combine my passion for movement and health science, with my love for helping others and hence Physiotherapy was a perfect fit!

I went straight into the degree from school, which was a decision I lived to regret in second year studies as it was quite a full on process. Where was this uni 'chill time' everyone speaks so fondly of? I decided to take a break just over half way through from the 'broke uni student life', not only for myself to get some life experience, but to give myself the much needed opportunity to heal my mental health struggles. But... it turned out that not studying wasn't ideal for my overactive personality, and this is when my Pilates world truly began!  

I found myself healing throughout my time studying Pilates, and gained a real sense of purpose again. My light came back after it had been blown out for so long. It was like a switch in my brain and body, and I felt like me again. Corny, yes, but very true. Those who came along to my first Perks of Pilates mat work business can vouch for how much I was VIBING this new life - the energy was felt by everyone in the room, and hence mat work will always hold a special place in my heart despite being a reformer addict to the core. Why can't we have both!? I started my Instagram during this time as a way for me to log the flows I enjoyed, and was actually on private for about a year until I wondered if anyone else wanted to see what I was up to as well! And thank god I turned it public! Moveactive was the first company that I ever collaborated with, and we have been glued together ever since. I could pinch myself about where we have all come since this time! 

Fast forward a few years and I have finished my degree and work full time as a Physiotherapist, have taught over a gazillion group, clinical and private classes - time really does fly when you're having fun! It's the continuous growth, beautiful sense of community and connection, and endless amounts of good times with infectious energy for me - I can't get enough of it! 

What's your favourite part of your job?

I can't choose one - so here's three:

  1. Meeting like minded people who are committed to taking control of their bodies and working towards their goals.
  2. That I get to wear activewear to work! 
  3. That it is a happy place - there's music, energy, joy, fun, laughter... It lights me up! 

What do you enjoy doing outside of pilates?

I LOVE to be outside. My work is all indoors, but I am an outdoorsy gal to the core! I have ridden horses all my life so I absolutely love to take a break and hit up the sticks doing that whenever I have an opportunity to. I also really love to cook, it's like my meditation!

What/who do you follow for inspiration on socials?

I follow a lot of personal development pages - ones that make you think analytically about yourself and outside of the box.

It would be a crime to only list a few of the pilates players I follow online for inspiration - but there is a cast of thousands that I continue to learn from in the industry every day as well. Another reason why I love it so much - everyone adds their flavour and spin to it! 

What was the inspiration behind the colourful collection you co-designed with us?

I wanted to inspire movers with colour, and have a sense of fun about them! I love to celebrate uniqueness, and wanted to encapsulate a sense of that in the design of the grips, and for people to feel happy when wearing them.  

What’s your favourite pair from the collection?

My goodness this is like splitting hairs! I could barely decide on my top 3 let alone top 1?! The MoveActive design team is magic for putting up with my 100000 ideas!

If I HAD to choose my go to grip - I am a sucker for a crew sock - so would have to be either of those designs! 

What's your favourite form of movement and why?

Functional, goal orientated movements on the mat and reformer. They create purpose and compliment what we are all working towards! Twirly flows are fun and I love to throw them in the mix, but working in a way to prioritise strength and control gains that transfer to functional movements is absolutely my JAM and I feel the biggest benefit from moving my body in this way.

You can shop the collection Elle co-designed online now.