Premium Pilates and Fitness 'Online'

Located: Camp Hill, Brisbane

Studio owner: Emily and Chris Boult 

Em, What can clients look forward to seeing in your online classes? 

Audiences can look forward to lots of laughs. We encourage our instructors to let their beautiful and quirky personalities shine on the online workout videos, so that our viewers feel like they are in a physical class with them. Our instructors plan every single workout out with different exercises each time, so that our viewers will never get bored. We have a great variety of different workout classes.

Your classes sound like fun! Are you offering a variety of classes weekly? 

Definitely! We offer so many different types of classes; Matwork Pilates, Barre, HIIT, Boxing, Stretch, Yoga as well as Pre and Postnatal Pilates classes. We were about to start adding Yoga to our studio timetable when COVID 19 restrictions began, so we thought, why not start it online? The co-owner of PPF and my husband, Chris, has even made up a new genre of workout: PIT: Pilates Interval Training, which is online to try. 

Heaps of variety! Are the classes for subscribers only? 

Our online videos are for subscribers only. However, audiences who want to try the videos out can sign up for a free 2-day trial and try before they purchase. All our memberships are done via a simple Paypal register option on our website. The membership fee is only $15 a week for unlimited classes, with no cancellation fee.

You must have a favourite class on the schedule you love to participate in?

Thats a tricky one; i cant decide! I love participating in Barre classes and Zoe's Barre classes are amazing. I also love the Matwork classes and Leah's work every muscle in my body. Kim's Stretch and Yoga classes relax me, which is very much needed at this time and Chris's HIIT classes are tough but also filled with lots of humour. So i like them all. 

Who can we expect to see taking the classes? Are your regular trainers taking any? 

Our regular instructors sure are taking the online home workouts! Chris and I do instruct a lot of the videos, however, we are also using our instructors who have less work at the moment. These instructors have been amazing; trekking out to our house most days to film, always keeping their good humour and giving 100% to every workout they film. Our other instructors who are lucky enough to still be in full time jobs have also been very generous to allow us to distribute the bulk of the filming and the work to our other girls. We have the best team.

Lastly, what is the most rewarding thing about being a part of this community?

By far, its the support we have been given. In the almost eight years that Chris and I have had our studio, we have always strived to create a non judgemental community of fun, dedicated and genuine people who all support each other. So many of our clients have stuck with us through this uncertain time and we can never express how much that means to us. Every single day clients send us encouraging text messages, photos and videos of them doing their online home workouts with us and amazing feedback. We are so lucky to be part of such a strong, encouraging community. 

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This interview is part of our "Support our studios Campaign" Supporting our Industry through a difficult time.