@TheBarre Studio 'Online'

Located: Sydney CBD & Rose Bay

Studio owner: Liza Gishen-Kloeckner 

What has been your experience with changing the way you deliver your classes from studio to online? 

It was a steep learning curve and a lot of work but we’re getting more comfortable with it. We’d already been planning on moving online for our clients who wanted our workouts when they travelled, so this just pushed us to do it sooner. All of the team miss seeing our beautiful clients in person, but we’re having fun saying hi to them over our livestream classes. We’re especially loving seeing everyone’s pets too. We’ve even had our instructors’ chicken jump into the odd class online!

Is there a mixture of classes your offering to your clients? Fill us in on what to expect. 

We are doing both through our Online Studio @MyHome. Our team is filming On Demand class blocks that range from 10 minutes to 1 hour so people can tailor their workout for the time they have available. We also have Livestream classes twice a day. It’s so easy to use as it's web based and you can join a live class with the click of a button rather than waiting for a meeting invite.

There is a big demand for online workout videos, How many can we expect to see weekly? 

14 livestream classes and roughly 5 On Demand classes. We are saving all of the livestream classes for replay for our Online Studio subscribers, but we also have a few saved for free for anyone who is curious to try our classes.

Do you have plans to continue your online even when your studio reopens?

Yes! We are going to be creating more online classes designed especially for small spaces like hotel rooms. It will be great when all the team can get back together in our studios to film!


What a great idea! What is the best way to access the online Studio? 

To join our online classes head over to our website (information below) Everyone who is part of our @MyHome Online Studio can also access our Facebook group where the instructors are all onboard to answer questions, share fun info and recipes, and funny videos. Because we all need a laugh right now! Especially when technology isn’t behaving!

One last question! What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of the Pilates, Yoga & Barre community ? 

A client of ours who works in essential healthcare services called us and offered to pay her full in-studio membership rate ongoing even though we offered her a free online membership. She wanted us to know that what we provide, even now as an online platform, is so important to her and many others. We help create good health and wellbeing and our studios are well known for their sense of community. We pride ourselves on making personal connections with our clients and investing in them as people. They’re not just customers who come in and out. We share in their lives, learning about their personal struggles and laughing with them in the good times. We don’t believe in creating perfect bodies; we’re an inclusive space where every body is celebrated for what it can do, not what it looks like. We still have a real impact on peoples’ lives despite our studio doors being shut. For us, that is the biggest reward.

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This interview is part of our "Support our studios Campaign" Supporting our Industry through a difficult time.
photographer: Etienne Reynaud  https://www.reynaudphotography.com/