The Studio Perth 'Online'

Located: Joondalup + Butler Perth

Studio owner: Jo Harvey + Robbie Hamilton

What has been your experience with changing from studio classes to online?

An incredibly hard experience seeing as before this we couldn’t have considered ourselves ‘technical’ but it has turned out to be a positive experience as we are still able to offer movement to our students who are stuck at home.

Is there a mixture of classes your offering to your clients? 

We’re offering all the same classes we offer when our Studio doors are open; Mat Pilates, Yoga + Meditation (minus Reformer Pilates). Our videos are Live Streamed and we now have an On Demand platform too.

There is a big demand for Online classes, how many can we expect to see weekly?

We are currently offering over 40+ Live Streamed classes a week plus our On Demand platform.

Do you have plans to continue online classes when your studio reopens? 

Yes we will still run our On Demand Platform and possibly still Live Stream.

What is the best way to access your classes? What is the best way to get involved in the community? 

To sign up head to our website (below). We offer 30 Days of Live Streaming for $49 intro offer. 

What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of the Pilates, yoga, barre community? 

We love that even though our physical doors may be closed, we can still connect with our community through the power movement.

For More information about online classes and memberships head to: 
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