On Thursday, the 28th of March, we held an event with ten influential members of our MoveActive community with Good Times Pilates, Brunswick. We came together to celebrate wellness and mindful movement alongside our coveted accessories and equipment.



The experience was led by Cat Webb, the founder of Good Times Pilates, who guided the guests through a 'Good Moves' pilates class - their signature feel-good class, a head-to-toe workout that is suitable for all. Flowing through the 45-minute class, guests were grounded and supported with our Powder Blue Vegan Leather Reformer Mats, Resistance Bands, Pilates Balls and of course, our custom Non-Slip Grip Socks, empowering them to fully immerse in the practice.



Central to the event were the Good Times Pilates x MoveActive Non-Slip Grip Crew Socks, featuring a bold print in blue and pink hues. Some guests couldn't resist their favourite MoveActive Grip Sock styles, the Powder Blue Stripe and Garden Stripes Crew's spotted too. Alongside the stars of the show Grip Socks, our guests used our Powder Blue Pilates Balls, Resistance Bands and Drink Bottles during their workout, adding a little extra spice and aesthetic to the beautifully designed space.



Following the invigorating 'Good Moves' pilates session, our guests gathered out on the rooftop in the afternoon sun to enjoy a nourishing Acai Bowl generously sponsored by LovaBowl. For more exclusive behind the scenes insight into our events, be sure to check out our Instagram and TikTok