Q&A with Maghan from Pilates Project

MoveActive x Pilates Project is an exclusive collection inspired by self-love and embracing your body. To celebrate the launch of the Pilates Project collection, we sat down with Maghan to talk about her journey in the pilates industry and dive deeper into what this collection means to her.


How did you get started in the Pilates Industry?

My Pilates journey began out of necessity! After a high school tumbling accident left me with persistent back pain, traditional gyms and high-impact workouts only aggravated the issue. Feeling frustrated and limited in my daily activities, I stumbled upon Pilates.

It was a game-changer. The controlled movements and focus on core strength not only reduced my pain significantly, but also transformed my body in a healthy and sustainable way. Unlike my previous experiences, these workouts didn't leave me drained or sore – I felt energised and empowered.

I studied Mat Pilates, Reformer and Equipment in 2011 and now, I'm dedicated to guiding others on their Pilates journey. My mission is to inspire positive change and show people that feeling strong and confident doesn't require endless hours of suffering. Pilates is a path to a healthier, happier you, and I'm here to support you every step of the way!

What do you love most about Pilates?

Pilates isn't just a workout for me, it's a holistic approach to well-being that I find incredibly rewarding. The exercises challenge me in a way that keeps things interesting, and seeing my body progress and get stronger is a fantastic motivator. Pilates goes beyond the physical. It requires focus and control, giving my brain a workout alongside my body, making it a fantastic way to unwind and improve my mental state.

The beauty of Pilates is its inclusivity. Regardless of age, fitness level, or physical limitations, there are modifications and progressions that allow everyone to participate and experience the benefits. The exercises offer endless possibilities for creativity and innovation, keeping things fresh and engaging.

What inspired you to start the Pilates Project app?

My love for Pilates and strength training, coupled with the limitations of my physical studio, truly inspired the Pilates Project App. During COVID lockdowns, I began filming live workouts for my studio clients to keep us all active and connected. To my surprise, these sessions resonated with people far beyond the studio walls, attracting viewers from all over the world!

Witnessing their enthusiasm and commitment, even virtually, ignited a spark. I realised a physical studio could only reach so many, and there were countless individuals who could benefit from Pilates but lacked access due to location or finances.

The Pilates Project App became the solution. It allowed me to bridge the gap and share my passion for movement and well-being on a global scale. Now, anyone, anywhere, can experience the transformative power of Pilates and strength training.


The most fulfilling part is connecting with people from all walks of life and empowering them to take charge of their health and fitness journey. The platform is young, but we have some wonderful partnerships and emerging collaborations, that are bringing exciting new programs and services to our community of clients and instructors.

What does your morning routine look like?

My Monday to Friday usually begins at 5 am for me. With three little boys, it’s nice to begin the day setting myself up for success before they wake. I usually fast until lunch so a steaming cup of Bulletproof coffee (black coffee + butter + MCT oil) fuels my morning engine, giving me the sustained energy to tackle what lies ahead. Meditation is a non-negotiable – a quiet moment to set the tone for a calm and focused day.

If the ocean is within reach, there's nothing quite like starting my day with an invigorating swim. It's a magic way to wake up my body and soul and I have such a connection with the ocean. Before the whirlwind of little ones erupts, I carve out time for a Pilates session. It's my personal power hour, a chance to energise my body and centre myself. Then it’s a reasonably structured (LOL) hour getting my boys ready for the day (breakfasts, prepping lunches, teeth and hair brushed, etc.) and school drop offs.

Of course, with a busy life, mornings don't always follow a perfect script. Some days, teaching early morning classes at the studio might push my meditation and breathwork to a later slot, perhaps even squeezed into a lunch break. The key, I've found, is to prioritise self-care throughout the day. Finding those moments of mindfulness keeps me centred and energised, no matter what the day throws my way.

Tell us about the design process and what inspired this collection?


The design process for this collection was a truly inspiring journey! From the very beginning, I envisioned a collection that reflected the multifaceted nature of Pilates Project and the women who practice it.

"Live in A Body You Love" is the heart and soul of Pilates Project, a constant reminder to embrace self-love and appreciate your body at every stage of life and your fitness journey. I wanted the entire collection to reflect this message of body positivity and self-respect.

Life is full of colour, and our workouts should be too! I also wanted eye-catching socks that embody the fun and energetic spirit of Pilates Project. Fuchsia is vibrant and loud and screams confidence! But balance is crucial. To ensure the designs weren't overwhelming, we incorporated calming elements like muted tones of Lilac and Purple that are tranquil and serene to offer a sense of focus during practice.

My background in college soccer and cheerleading definitely played a role! The Crew socks are a nod to those athletic roots, while also symbolising the athleticism required in Reformer and Mat Pilates classes. They represent the fusion of movement and strength that Pilates Project embodies.

The fusion of vibrant colours with the embroidered heart on the Classic Low Rise grip socks is my favourite part. It's a powerful symbol of self-love and a reminder to embrace your journey, no matter where you are on your fitness path. These socks are designed to empower women to be whoever they want to be, both in the studio and beyond.

Ultimately, I hope this collection inspires women to move with confidence, celebrate their bodies, and embrace the fun and transformative power of Pilates!

Where did the motto on the self-love sock come from and how does it resonate with you?


The motto "Live in a Body You Love" wasn't born out of a single moment, but rather a culmination of experiences and observations within the Pilates world. Traditional fitness culture often emphasises weight loss or achieving a specific body type. "Live in a Body You Love" moves away from that, encouraging women to appreciate their bodies for all they can do, regardless of size or shape. This mantra resonates with women at various stages of life. Whether you're a busy professional, a new mum, an aspiring athlete, or you’re simply looking to become the best version of yourself, it's a reminder to prioritise self-care and find joy in movement, and appreciation for the journey in self-discovery. It's not about striving for some future ideal, but about feeling good and empowered in the present moment.

Do you have a favourite design from the collection?

Picking a favourite design? That's the hardest part! Every single piece in this collection holds a special place in my heart. They all represent different aspects of what Pilates Project stands for and the multifaceted women who share the experience with us. With that said, the styles that I find myself gravitating towards a little more are the Fuchsia Stripes Classic Low Rise and Lilac Self Love Crew.


What are your go-to pieces of equipment for pilates?

Ooh, that's a tough one! Picking a favourite piece of Pilates equipment is like picking a favourite child (well, maybe not quite that dramatic!). But if I had to choose, I'd have to say the Pilates Ball.

It’s just incredibly versatile. You can use it for core strengthening, balance exercises, stretching, and even mobility work. It's a one-stop shop for a full-body workout!

The instability of the ball creates a unique challenge that engages muscles you didn't even know you had. It's a completely different kind of burn compared to traditional exercises on the mat or Reformer, but equally satisfying!